You’ve worked so hard to get here, you deserve STUNNING photos to celebrate your graduation!


 I don’t know about you but I’m a little over those boring, traditional graduation photos. (And yet I’ll shot them for you to make the grandparents happy too.) Keep reading…

Graduation is a huge milestone in your life that deserves the celebration YOU like. Remember, these are the photos you’ll look back at for the rest of your life.

own magazine style photos

Chances are high that you and your parents will hire a professional photographer to capture you around this time anyways. Why not working with someone who will create the most amazing and creative pictures, something that stands out from the crowd and will make your friends’ jaws drop. Getting excited yet?


bold, fresh, IG worthy images

My experience from working with magazines and in the portrait industry for over 10 years will guarantee you top quality and a unique style that will make your social media explode.


I’m here to help you design your session based on what you would like to see on your photos. My goal is to capture your real personlaty. We can shoot at any location you prefer in the LA-OC-SD area, or even head out to the Palm Desert. Tell me what your dream photoshoot is like and I’ll create it for you.

Andrea Domjan Photography 048.jpg

But to make grandma happy too…

I’ll shoot a few of those traditional inspired, yet modern looking portraits that will make your grandparents happy too. I respect traditions and understand, that the older generation appreciate those pictures more. So, this way we hit two birds with one stone.

are you ready?

Book your session today or call the studio for more information.